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Groups under SM that either wouldn’t renew their contracts under the company, have one or more members inactive for personal reasons, have members who have sued the company, or have members who are in the process of being fired. 

They really screw up with their artists a lot don’t they. 

Just Kangjun in his natural habitat being a creep to leader Rome XD

I’m out! I’m out!

C-Clown talks about wanting to visit Australia, especially Rome’s hometown of Wollongong + everything they know about Australia.

BTOB - 넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly) - Teaser

Anonymous Asked: cube allows them to get tattoos?


cube allows their singers to:

  • get tattoos (see: changsub, hyuna or junhyung and they don’t have to cover them like for example some sm idols have to do)
  • date (btob always talk a lot about having no dating ban)
  • hang out with idols from different companies
  • go to school (like peniel or changsub does on regular basis)
  • eat whatever they want
  • be honest in interviews
  • the list goes on

“Rather than dwelling upon things I can’t change, I’d rather develop the good things about me. So my dream is not to become the best, it’s to be someone who I’m not ashamed to be.” -Kim Kibum (Key)


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