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bathroom routine how to: by eunhae
dongwoo’s als ice bucket challenge
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Person: so what’s this “K-pop”?
Family: oh no
Friends: oh no
Neighbours: oh no
Dog: oh no
Obama: oh no

My copycat!

that’s not how it works chanyeol…

Sunggyu fansign
  • Fan: Oppa, can you snatch my wrist and pull me in once?
  • Sunggyu: *unaffectedly just touches her wrist and shows no expression*
  • Fan: *gets sad and is on her way back down*
  • Sunggyu: *suddenly grabs and snatches her wrist*
  • Sunggyu: Like this? *smiles*


Some of the derp encountered prior to the ‘Do-Re-Mi’ performance in SS4.

I do hope the face you requested anon is in these screencaps!! Sorry it took so long, I just finished moving and couldn’t find my DVD. :) 

the struggles of Tony Jones
the struggles of Tony Jones

The last episode of B.A.P Attack & Daehyun is still eating.

happy birthday to apink’s mood maker yoon bomi! (13/8/1993) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

since the very beginning, i was awed by your dorkiness, carefree-ness (if that’s a word) and especially your laughter and sense of humor. you are both sexy and charming on stage, both hyperactive and caring off stage. please continue to be the same bbomrilla / angry bird that i fell in love with - the one who isn’t afraid to be herself, to be weird. ♥

No one can switch off the music if Hakyeon is not done with dancing lol

No one can switch off the music if Hakyeon is not done with dancing lol


your crush is walking by!” “everyone act natural